About ABC

Brand Introduction and History

ABC is a high end female personal care brand managed and produced by Guangdong Jingxing Health Care Industrial Co., Ltd. The primary product lines include sanitary napkins, sanitary wipes, and care solutions. Since its establishment in 1998, ABC has been adhering to the concept of "health, quality and comfort", providing love and care for women in China and the world. Its self-developed KMS cooling series of sanitary napkins turns a hot and sticky menstruation to a cool and dry experience. As a leader in high-end female personal care products, ABC has employed a strategy targeting at young health conscious white-collar women who pursue high quality lifestyle. Its notorius slogan "Elegant Healthy Living" is deeply rooted in people's hearts, calling on women to live confidently free of menstrual challenges.

ABC Development & Milestones


The brand acronym ABC originated from the English words "Always Being Clean" standing for the perpetual pursuance of cleanliness, hygiene and health. This corporate vision has helped ABC establish its image as the "personal care expert" to serve women's health and life since 1998.

Quality Assurance Certified in China and Japan

ISO9001 certifications