Healthcare Tips

(1) ABC Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin a Soft and Ventilating Experience

The weather is getting hotter as summer approaches, and the girls are wearing light clothes to beat the scorching heat. Coupled with the stress, mood swing and back pain amid the menstrual period, the hot and damp feeling gets even worse during those few days each month. For some women, they are upset during the day, toss and turn at night and cannot concentrate on their work, study and other daily tasks. In that light, ABC has employed the best natural cotton from North America and the Japanese Unitika’s unique weaving technique to manufacture their natural cotton sanitary napkins, which can relieve the discomfort caused by menstrual syndrome, so that the body and mind can maintain a relatively stable and soothing state unlike regular sanitary pads.

ABC sanitary napkins are one of the top ranked and are of good reputation in China. The company vision is to help women live a healthy, comfortable, confident and happy life. Being hygienic and calm can further sharpen their physical appearance and improve their mental health. Among all ABC products, ABC natural cotton sanitary napkins are the best to provide and pamper comprehensive skin care to delicate and sensitive skin.

The private parts are particularly sensitive and uncomfortable during the period. On top of that, bad odors make things even worse and embarrassing. Some women choose to cover the odors, yet the downside leads to poor air circulation and thereby promotes bacteria growth and induces adverse reactions such as inflammation and infection. No matter what season it is, it is key to keep the private parts clean and ventilated. ABC natural cotton sanitary napkin is the best in solving this kind of problem as it has the ventilated firms letting air through but keep the liquid in.

ABC natural cotton sanitary napkins added with patented KMS health formula can further alleviate discomforts during the period by keeping the private parts clean, dry and ventilated, especially in hot and damp summer time. The ultra soft natural cotton texture further enhances the experience by pampering sensitive skin more than regular pads do.

Because ABC natural cotton sanitary napkins are made of ultra soft cotton materials, they can absorb larger amount and have better penetrating effect than regular pads do. Even during those heavy days, there is no need to worry about leaking. ABC has a patented Blue Core technology with an ultra absorbent keeping the surface dry, coupled with KMS elements ABC natural cotton sanitary napkins provide a refreshing and elevated security experience. KMS formula is evenly distributed across the napkin. With its unique, mild and pleasant fragrance that can neutralize bad odors, musty smell is no longer an issue.

Every woman is worthy of love and care, support and understanding are further required during the period. In that light, ABC natural cotton sanitary napkins are women’s best companion during those days. In particular, the unique KMS formula is designed to make women's menstrual life less agonising and let women find their true self in a comfortable and relaxing environment.


(2) The Antibacterial Nature of ABC Nursing Solutions is Highly Effective in Feminine Care Protection

Women use skin care products such as facial cleanser, toner, sunscreen, barrier cream, and liquid foundation to care for their faces. However, most women have not paid attention to the health of their private parts. The environment of female private parts is prone to inflammation and infection due to factors such as humidity and secretion. In addition, external factors such as environment and eating habits make women worry about the hygiene of private parts. Amongst various brand products, ABC female nursing solution has a balanced pH environment and strong antibacterial ability to protect female private parts from getting unnecessary harmed.

The brand philosophy of the ABC brand is to take care of women's health, and to satisfy different needs of diversified consumers. As a result, ABC has developed a wide range of products including sanitary napkins, pads, wipes, care solutions, etc., to meet all the needs of maintaining the hygiene of female private parts to their greatest satisfaction. Among them, the ABC lotion has good antibacterial and antibacterial capabilities, helping women live healthier and happier.

The ABC health care solution containing KMS health formula is the best bathing partner to protect the private parts health. The unique formula forms a bacteriostatic protective layer on the surface of the skin and thereby strengthens the skin's antibacterial ability and maintains the private parts hygiene which is an essential factor in causing mood swing during menstruation. There are two main products in this series, namely KMS care formula and KMS care formula foam type.

ABC health care solution (KMS care formula) contains natural lactic acid which can nourish and care for female private parts. It is slightly acidic, and is designed to maintain the optimal pH to promote beneficial bacteria growth. The natural floral fragrance can effectively neutralize odor and strengthen the self-protection ability. The foam type care solutions are even more gentle and moisturizing through the use of skin-friendly bubbles, which can penetrate deep for a more thorough cleaning.

ABC feminine care solution (Australian Tea Tree formula) natural herbal ingredients is able to relieve itching and inhibit bacteria growth. The herbal formula has recently been enhanced, with ingredients sourced from Australian tea tree essence, bergamot essential oil, and root extracts, to further inhibit a variety of pathogenic bacteria growth and relieve itching and other uncomfortable symptoms. The weak acidic formula used can help maintain the natural pH environment, form a natural protective barrier, inhibit bacteria growth, nourish the skin, and maintain a healthy environment for female private parts. It is recommended be used on a daily basis and an increase amount is recommended be used during menstruation.

Aligning with what the new generations of women pursue, ABC has been creating and bringing awareness of a fashionable and healthy lifestyle concept to modern women. In that light, ABC feminine care solutions serve three purposes in one: antibacterial, hygienic, and caring, making the cleaning process more delicate and convenient for modern women. As summer is approaching, it is a good time to experience the cleanliness and refreshing comfort brought by ABC care solutions. If you are still entangled in choosing the right female care solution, give ABC a try and you are guaranteed a clean and refreshing experience.