K13 KMS轻透薄0.1CM日用试用装 Trial Pack


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免费试用装(单片),无需购买正式产品即可邮寄到家。每位客人可申请不多于两种产品的试用装,每种产品限一份。第一次购买正式产品的新客人可以最多申请另外三种试用装。**试用装不可重复订购** 申请0元试用装请加入购物车及结账即可。有任何疑问请email: info@RightHere4U.com

Trial packs are free. New customers can place trial-pack stand alone orders for up to 2 trial packs (1 per product). Up to 5 trial packs can be ordered together with the first paid order. ** No repeat order for trial packs** Please contact info@RightHere4U.com for any inquiries.